Imagine if OSC followed in the footsteps of CFPB

From Talking Points Memo:

The consumer watchdog unveiled a new online database of all the complaints they’ve received about credit card companies since June 1, with detailed information on the nature of the various disputes and how they ended up being resolved. Complaints filed before June will be added later on after beta testing is complete, according to a CFPB spokesperson. The list is intended to expand in the future to include data on mortgage and student loan complaints as well. The names of the consumer complainants are not revealed.

CFPB on Tuesday also rolled out a select sampling of real-life consumers helped by the bureau so far, in an effort to put a human face on the database’s vast spreadsheets of numbered case references.

Credit card companies aren’t happy with the move. . . .

Now replace credit card companies with federal agencies, CFPB with OSC, and complaints about credit card companies with complaints of retaliation and discrimination.

How much would we know about the extent of retaliation and corruption in the federal government?

That’s what my rulemaking petition/potential lawsuit is trying to do.