Charge 8: Character Assassination

Tom Devine, Government Accountability Project

This post covers the eighth reason why Tom Devine of the Government Accountability Project should step down from his post:

“8. He engages in character assassination against colleagues and whistleblowers.”

There’s not much to this. Some smears include calling the operations of a rival organization a “cess pool” (email), or implying that a whistleblower and opponent of a bill holds certain views because of “patronage” (in person), or dismissing a whistleblower on the grounds that he’s a threat of violence (email), or that a rival organization has a hold on a senator because of campaign contributions (which could not be verified in public records) (in person), or that a rival organization’s successes are due to coziness with a senator and the alumni who work for him (in person). Basically, using smears as a form of advocacy. Not very civil, is it?