OSC Sounds the Alarm in its FY2014 Budget Request

OSC’s FY2014 budget request is now available on its website. The executive summary is replete with arresting descriptions of the strains OSC is under. Good government advocates and whistleblowers who ignore this issue do so at their own peril.

Consider the following:

2012 was a year of extraordinary performance gains at OSC, as well as a year of dramatic growth in demand for the agency’s services. To meet these rising demands, OSC will need commensurate resources

[A]s demand for our services rapidly increases, absent adequate support, this positive trajectory will not be sustainable.

OSC expects the rapid increase in disclosures and retaliation cases to accelerate as a result of the greater protections afforded under the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA), passed on November 28, 2012

crushing increase in our docket…

Whistleblower disclosures skyrocketed

OSC experienced the highest number of quarterly filings in its 35-year history in the first quarter of FY 2013

OSC operates on a shoestring – the smallest budget of any Federal law enforcement agency. It is a no-frills operation, with salaries, benefits and rent accounting for 90% of expenditures. We have reviewed every item in our budget and discarded all non-essential expenditures, such as hard copy statutory updates for staff. We have also significantly limited agency travel, excised various employee benefits, and regularly comparison shopped necessary, ongoing services to reduce our operating costs. We have carved up our library and foyers to house unpaid Presidential Management Fellows and interns. We have revitalized our mediation program to effectively resolve complaints without requiring resource-intensive investigations. Our attorneys are required to do without transcripts in all but the most urgent investigations, relying instead on tape recorders to review witness testimony. Even with all of these cost-saving measures, the shoestring is pulling tighter and fraying as the demand for OSC’s services far outpaces its resources.

And this visual:

OSC Case Load Growth

OSC Case Load Growth