Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 · Issue #2074 · Zcash

4 Mar 2016.

Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 #2074. Open. 212 of 451 tasks complete. @str4d str4d mentioned this issue on Mar 9, 2017. Not Valid After / transaction.

is the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem without relying on a.

Zcash and Dash are based on a fork of the Bitcoin Core codebase, while.

[1] “Dash 0.12.0 release notes,” 2015,

zECC Zcash wallet demo15 Apr 2016.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github.

Because release 0.12.0 and later will obfuscate the chainstate on every fresh sync or.

13 aug 2019.

Those affected by @coinbase UK issues: this is limited to Coinbase.

Op BLOX koop je niet alleen zcash maar alle populaire cryptocurrency.

Lees over de koers van cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) maar ook over fundamentele ontwikkelingen van de blockchain en het netwerk van privacy munt Zcash.

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5 dagen geleden.

Dit komt neer op in totaal 8.721 shielded transacties. Zcash ondersteunt twee soorten wallet-adressen: t-addr, welke transparant zijn net zoals.