Gold Whales

5 Jul 2020.

Or if you simply love whales, this is a perfect way to show it. The magnificent Humpback whale tails are available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold.

See the majestic humpack whales with Gold Coast's orginal whale watch operator. 4 tours per day from Surfers Paradise. Book online with instant confirmation.

An incredible experience on a small vessel. Book online today for your Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast whale watching adventure tour of a lifetime.

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17 Oct 2019.

Marine scientists are calling for new speed limits in waters off the Gold Coast in response to an increasing number of humpback whales calving.

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4 Apr 2019.

Orcas – informally referred to as killer whales because of their fearsome reputation – are majestic mammals found in Australian waters between.

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