Casascius Bitcoin For Sale

Casascius 1000 BTC, 1 troy OZ .999 Fine Gold 1) In 2011 Casascius sold these 1000 BTC, 1 troy OZ .999 Fine Gold.


Why buy physical loaded crypto coins?

30 Sep 2019.

Casascius coins are physical bitcoins embedded with the private keys of.

The Meta 1 ICO involved sale of a token allegedly back by 1 billion.

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Mint Signature Set 57 200 Bitcoin BTC Poker Chip Coin Like Casascius AMD.

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7 Dec 2017.

Back in March 2015, you could reasonably buy one for $300,000, but as Bitcoin continues to climb up the five figure price range, a “reasonable”.

15 Jan 2018.

How one accidental cryptocurrency investor spent days in the wild world.

as I realized the single coin in my hand could buy a new Ford Fiesta, and I.

I learned that it was a Casascius coin, one of roughly 3,500 minted by a.