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1 Dec 2017.

“It's a total mess,” says Tadge Dryja, research scientist at MIT's Digital Currency Initiative, when describing the decentralised nature of Bitcoin.

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Narula, Garrett Tanzer, James Lovejoy, Michael Colavita, Madars Virza, Tadge Dryja

9 Jul 2019.

Solutions for scaling has led to a civil war, multiple forks and is the centre of many arguments on Reddit and Twitter. The Bitcoin blockchain is.

Funding Open Source Development - Tadge Dryja - CES Summit '191 Oct 2018.

Narula spoke at the Forbes Under 30 Summit with panelists including Tadge Dryja, Lightning Network co-creator, and Linda Xie, Scalar Capital.

Unlinkable outsourced channel monitoring. Tadge Dryja. http://lightning.network/ · https://twitter.com/kanzure/status/784752625074012160. Okay. Hi everyone.

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14 Mar 2018.

So let the creative experiments begin. A good overview of this concept is presented in Tadge Dryja's talk on Decentralization vs Incoordination,